Guérande salt flower pot 100gr

Guérande salt flower pot 100gr

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GUERANDE SALT FLOWER   Under the effect of the sun, the "white gold" forms a delicate crust that crystallizes under certain winds on the surface of the "carnations", it is the fleeting Fleur de Sel salt marshes of Guerande whose appearance is linked to the moods of the wind. It is a pinkish white salt at its harvest, much finer than the Gray Salt and much sought after by connoisseurs for its delicate and incomparable taste, its inimitable scent of violet and its richness in magnesium calcium and other trace elements. The favorite salt of kings, the fleur de sel is used as table salt with a pinch, directly on your plate or on your salads, a favorite condiment of our great chefs, for these properties of flavor enhancer of all your dishes. Our product is bought at a guaranteed price from the producer thanks to the "French Equitable Agriculture" approach It is guaranteed 100% product in the Guérande basin

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